SADPOL company has started its acivity in 1992.
We deal with purchasing and storing of all kinds of vegetables and fruits in every amount.
We cooperate with a large number of purchasing centres with professional service and we assure immediate payment for the goods.
We are also in possession of our own freight orchards. We offer only the finest ingredients. The vegetables and fruits are of the highest European standards which is confirmed by EUREPGAP certificate.
Our domain is many years' cooperation with our business partners. We supply both our local and foreign customers with the highest quality:

· apples,
· pears,
· strawberries,
· cherries,
· and other fruits and vegetables.

We export our products to many countries in Europe, Asia nad North Africa.
Sadpol is located in the center of the fruit-growing and vegetable-growing region and with its long traditions and experience quarantees the highest quality of fruits and vegetables.

We invite for cooperation.

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